Cloud Technologies
Experience in moving IT Estate to Cloud

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Oracle Fusion Cloud – SaaS

Experienced, certified consultants in our team have implemented multiple cloud projects, which include Fusion ERP, SCM, CRM, HCM design and configuration, SaaS Fusion integration and custom extension, as well complete comprehensive reporting, dashboards with reporting packs, IFRS, GAAP and management reporting packs.

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Cloud Integration – PaaS

We have large experience team to manage custom extensions and integration within PaaS for client needs and integrate with SaaS. We have used Oracle Cloud based suite OIC, JCS, OAC, and ADW to replicate and integrate complex client based external data and SaaS data.

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Cloud Infrastructure – IaaS

Experienced in moving entire IT estate to IaaS cloud, we have moved on-premise Hyperion and EBS instances to Oracle Cloud IaaS with high availability (HA) design; we have also experience in moving non Oracle applications to Oracle Cloud.

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Cloud Extension Tools

Experience in SaaS extension using cloud suites OIC, JCS, ADW, where we have converted on-premise applications, re-deployed extensions of E-Business custom extensions and various other products within Oracle PaaS Cloud.

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Cloud Application Development – PaaS

Experience in developing bespoke cloud applications, mobile apps; using cloud suites like OIC, ADW, OAC, DV and Mobile technologies. We have designed, deployed various integration products and adapters for PaaS and SaaS.